Notre Dame Law Improved Religious Liberty Initiative

Notre Dame Law Improved Religious Liberty Initiative

Three great people have been added to the board of the Religious Liberty Initiative at Notre Dame Law School. The project is the best in the world at protecting religious freedom. Let’s get to know these new members and figure out how their unique views will help the group’s goal of protecting religious freedom.

Notre Dame Law: The Board of Advisors for Guardians of Religious Freedom

Notre Dame Law Improved Religious Liberty Initiative

The board of experts runs the Religious Liberty Initiative, which is a big deal. Each of these 20 people works to protect others’ rights to practice and talk about their religion. Their backgrounds are very different in terms of religion, politics, the law, and other things.

Notre Dame Law: The winter board meeting in Miami was a meeting to make plans.

The winter board meeting for the project took place in Miami, Florida, on February 3. The meeting, which was led by G. Marcus Cole, Dean of the Notre Dame Law School, and Stephanie Barclay, project lead and associate professor, talked about issues and chances for religious freedom. Even though each board member has a lot of different skills, they all want to protect religious freedom.

The next stop for the board will be Paris in 2023 for the Notre Dame Religious Liberty Summit.

The board of experts will meet again in July 2023 at the Notre Dame Religious Liberty Summit in London. People can share their thoughts and work together at this meeting to help the project reach its goals.

Notre Dame Law: Get to know the new board members.

Kristina Arriaga: A Defender of Free Speech

Kirsten Arriaga is a great CEO, and the board is lucky to have her. She knows a lot of things. Arriaga has worked for a long time to protect the freedom of different faiths to practice their beliefs. He fights for the right to free speech, especially religious freedom. She is helpful to the project because she works with foreign groups and wants to promote religious freedom.

Bringing Law, Religion, and World Politics Together by Peter Petkoff

The board hears from associate professor Peter Petkoff at Brunel Law School in London. He has a view from all over the world. Petkoff is in charge of the religious law, international relations, and law program at Oxford’s Regent’s Park College. He knows a lot about how religion, politics, and the law are all linked, which strengthens the initiative’s method that draws on many fields.

David K. Trimble: Trying to Figure Out How to Protect Religious Freedom

In his job at the Religious Freedom Institute, David K. Trimble is Vice President for Public Policy and Education. For a long time, he has known how politics and religious freedom affect each other. Thimble gives the board a strategic view. He has a law degree, worked for the government for a long time, and fought for religious freedom all over the world in the past.

Notre Dame Law: In short, a united front for freedom of religion

With Kristina Arriaga, Peter Petkoff, and David K. Trimble on board, the Religious Liberty Initiative at Notre Dame Law School is stronger. Everyone on this board really wants to protect religious freedom, and their ideas help solve issues that people all over the world are still having. They will continue to shape the important goal of the project as they meet in London for the 2023 Notre Dame Religious Liberty Summit.